Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day in Sydney

Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast together in the kitchen, and man was that Berry Basket yogurt delicious!  The 7 of us headed down Pitt Street and bought tickets for the subway so we could get to Circular Quay (the part of the city with the harbor, opera house, and ferries).  
We bought tickets for the ferry and floated along to the Taronga Zoo!  On the ferry, we had an incredible view of the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, city skyline, and the sailboats all around us.
We got to the zoo and paid to get a lift to the top of the mountain so we could work our way down as we saw all of the animals.  The lift was like a ski lift but had pods for you to sit in so you could see all around you: the animals and lush greenery below and the ocean and cityscape the opposite direction.
Right off of the lift were koala's! You could pay $20 to get a picture of them, but we decided to view them from afar.
We also got to go into an area full of kangaroo's and an emu!  The kangaroo's would hop across the path and I got to pet one before it hopped away!
 We saw the elephants, birds, tigers, lions, hippos, flying squirrels, giraffes, and more! 

At 2pm we went to the seal show.
After the zoo, we walked over to the Opera House to see if there were any cheap student tickets for that weekend, but they were sold out, so we walked around the inside a bit.  The whole structure is made of concrete and the outside looks like white tile.
We took the subway back to our hostel, got cleaned up, and went out for our Valentine's dinner in the rain.  We found a thai restaurant and got to sit in the back corner so we could see all that was going on in the hip hopping restaurant.  I ordered Yellow Curry which was delicious, Hannah and Sarah ordered octopus dishes, and we all ate with chopsticks!

After dinner, we stopped by a convenience store for some Valentine's Day chocolate and more breakfast food and then headed back to the hostel in the rain.  Once at the hostel, we hung out at the Side Bar, which was the bar in the basement of our hostel.  Erin and I split a white russian, which was better than the sparkling wine the night before, but still nasty.
I hope all is well!  Until next time, cheers!

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