Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Air Planes

My journey to Oz was much longer and much more complicated than expected:

We arrived at the STL airport on Wednesday, February 11th and found out our flight to LA had been canceled due to mechanical difficulties. Because of this, we were booked on a flight 2 hours later, received our boarding passes, and were told that we could get our boarding passes in LA for our flight to Sydney.  
Here's a photo of all of us who were headed to New Zealand for the semester.
On the flight, I sat by one of the pilots who was supposed to fly the plane that had mechanical difficulties and he had never done a word find before! I was doing one in my little book of puzzles Dad got for me and he looked over and asked what it was! Crazy crazy. On my other side was a woman from California who was very friendly and told us about when she was on a plane a few weeks ago that caught on fire. I don't remember the end of the story...
When we got to LA, they told us we had not been booked for the flight to Sydney, so they gave us tickets for a flight from LA to Brisbane and then we would take a connecting flight to Sydney.
The 13 hour flight to Brisbane really wasn't too terrible! The five of us, all girls from Mizzou, got to sit next to eachother.  The nice flight attendants with Australian accents served us dinner (tuna steak), peppermint tea, a snack pack, breakfast (frittata), and a little bag with a tooth brush, socks, and an eye mask.  I watched a few movies and slept a bit.
We landed in Brisbane around 8:30 and were supposed to catch our flight to Sydney at 9:15, which wasn't going to happen because our luggage had been temporarily misplaced due to our multiple flight changes.
We got our flight switched once again to 40 minutes later and headed to the terminal. We got to stand outside in warm and sticky Australia for about 10 minutes while we waited for the shuttle to take us to the domestic terminal. 
Several hours later, we finally landed down in Sydney and took a taxi to our hostel in the city!
Sorry for such a boring post, we'll see if the next one can be more interesting :)
I hope all is well with everyone!



  2. Rachel! I hope you're having fun. I'm sure it's so pretty there :)