Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ChCh Square and Gardens

Julia and I love the Christchurch Market and Botanic Gardens, so when we had a free weekend, we decided to take the bus to Christchurch with some homework and our journals, and a wee bit of money.
We ate our sack lunches on the square.
Then we walked through the market and bought matching satchels and scarves and made our way to the gardens, after passing one of many ridiculous New Zealand signs:
Here's a sweet as tree in the Botanic gardens.
Then we stepped into a wonderland greenhouse:
And smelled the stellar flowers:
Back outside, we walked through the rose garden, and, naturally, had to smell every single one.  These were supposed to smell like coffee, or something weird like that.
Beautiful beautiful beautiful.  Surprisingly enough, we didn't manage to get any homework done, however, I was able to rest up for the 5.5km Fun Run I participated in the next morning!  I dominated it in 33.24 minutes!  What a magical place this country is! 


  1. new zealand makes you faster. i read it in an email forward. so it's true.

  2. Julie mus be right, cuz that's an awesome time! Yay for pretty flowers :)